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Sound Community Bank is committed to providing a safe, warm, and welcoming place for all. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is important to us here at Sound Community Bank. Diversity is about recognizing, respecting and valuing differences based on ethnicity, gender, color, age, race, religion, disability, national origin, and sexual orientation and identity. It also includes an infinite range of individual unique characteristics and experiences, such as communication style, career path, life experience, educational background, geographic location, income level, marital status, military experience, parental status and other variables that influence personal perspectives. These life experiences and personal perspectives make us react and think differently, approach challenges and solve problems differently, make suggestions and decisions differently, and see different opportunities. Diversity, then, is also about diversity of thought. The Bank’s goal is to create and sustain an actively anti-racist and anti-discrimination community and culture to promote a welcoming and enriching environment for all. 

Our DE&I committee consists of employees from executive management to the teller line, and from all walks of life.  Internally we are actively promoting DE&I throughout our organization by providing education, guest speakers, retaining consultants, and making DE&I part of our daily conversations.  Outside our organization, we are increasing partnership engagement with diverse groups in the communities we serve.  We recognize DE&I is imperative for us to understand our clients and our communities.  Our committee continues to develop plans and make progress on initiatives.

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