Service Comes First.

We are a unique provider of financial services. This means that although we will always strive for a healthy level of earnings, the first and most important measure of our success will be the level of service that we provide to our clients.

Your Goals Are Our Goals.

In our role as a service organization, we endeavor to become our clients' financial partner providing products and pricing that will help our clients achieve their financial objectives in the areas of transaction processing, use of credit, asset growth through home ownership and accumulation of savings. We will also help with long range planning for specific financial goals such as retirement or college education.

Superior Accounts, Superior Services.

Sound Community Bank strives to be the primary financial partner for our clients and their families, by providing the products that meet the needs of our client base. Our product orientation provides those services for families and individuals, as well as assisting businesses with financial services. In addition to measuring our products by the value of their service, we also offer competitive pricing.

Your Money is Safe.

Sound Community Bank is a strong financial institution by any measure. This is a fact of which we are understandably proud. Strong net worth and steady profitability are a part of our heritage and our future. As we continue to achieve these financial measurements of success, we continue to grow in a manner which allows us to serve our clients.

We Take Care of Our Staff.

Sound Community Bank is proud to be considered a quality employer. In our role as a quality employer, we continue to operate on the basis of teamwork with all employees working toward a common mission. We provide effective benefits and programs such as incentive or bonus pay, which allow employees to participate in the success of the Bank. We are committed to becoming a learning organization to help our staff develop and enhance their skills with the understanding that staff members also accept responsibility for personal development.

We Keep Things Local.

Finally, Sound Community Bank prides itself on its role as an ethical corporate citizen, sensitive to community issues, the environment, and standards of conduct that make us unique and caring. Sound Community Bank continues to develop a style we associate with small companies rather than bureaucracies. We provide the personal touch and extra responsiveness our clients deserve and expect, while managing our resources and conducting our business effectively.

Corporate Values

Financial Performance is our Foundation
Superior Service Quality is Key to our Success
Our Employees are our Most Important Asset
Honesty, Integrity, Flexibility & Fun are Key to our Company Culture
We Operate on the Basis of Teamwork and we Reward Achievement of Goals
We Treat Everyone with Respect
We Strive for Constant Improvement
We Participate in and Contribute to the Communities where we do Business
Our Commitment to Ease, Access, Transparency & Sustainability is at the Center of all Initiatives