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Easily make purchases and track business expenses with our free MasterCard® debit card. Always have direct access to a designated account — plus the power to make purchases around the globe, around-the-clock.

  • Free with any Sound Community Bank business account
  • Reduce costs of purchasing checks
  • Simplify expense tracking
  • Multiple cards can be issued
  • Pre-set employee limits as needed
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • More convenient and safer than checks
  • Make purchases online or in-store virtually anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 access to funds throughout the U.S. and around the world
  • Includes free ATM access via the Allpoint network

Q:  What is a Contactless Card?

A:  Contactless Business Debit Cards work the same as Apple Pay or Google Pay.  These Business Debit Cards can be used at terminals supporting contactless payments.  Look for the contactless symbol at the payment terminal.

When using Contactless Business Debit Cards, the card number is never provided to the merchant.  Instead, each card has its own cryptographic ID number.  This means a hacker cannot simply scan your purse or pocket and steal your debit card number.  It also means the merchant is not provided with your card number or expiration date.

Q:  What Are the Benefits of Having a Contactless Card?

A:  Contactless Business Debit Cards can make checking out quick and easy:  The tap-and-go process usually takes less than a second, which is quicker than swiping or inserting a chip card - and way faster than using cash.  Contactless Cards are just as secure as a chip card at a chip-enabled register.

Each contactless transaction creates a unique, one-time code read-only by the card-processing network.  This reduces security risks since the code can’t be used again.  Tapping is also more secure than using the magnetic strip’s swipe function because magnetic data can be easily captured and duplicated.

Q:  How Do Contactless Business Debit Cards Work?

A:  Contactless Cards use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.  This allows the card to communicate with the card reader when the card is held near the reader during a transaction, creating a unique, one-time code read-only by the card-processing network - all happens in a matter of seconds!

Contactless Cards include a chip, magnetic stripe, and the usual Business Debit Card number, expiration date, and security code - giving cardholders a variety of options at the register.  If a merchant doesn’t have contactless readers, utilize the chip or magnetic strip option.

Look for the contactless symbol.  The four curved lines should appear on your card and the merchant’s terminal.

1.       When prompted, hold the card within one to two inches of the contactless symbol.

2.       If your purchase is approved, you’ll receive confirmation - typically a beep, green light or checkmark.

3.       Once you know how to use contactless Business Debit Cards, it takes just a few seconds to complete the payment process.

Q:  Where Can I Use My Contactless Business Debit Card?

A:  From grocery stores and fast-food restaurants to convenience stores and gas stations, thousands of merchants across the country now support contactless technology.  And, new merchants are adopting this technology daily.  Just look for the Contactless symbol at checkout.


Q: What is an EMV chip card, and how can this technology help my business?

A: The EMV chip card is a card embedded with a computer chip. They are simple to use and accept, and give cardholders increased convenience and security.

Q: Are chip cards new?

A: Although chip cards are relatively new in the United States, they have been used elsewhere for many years. In some countries, particularly in Europe, merchants may be more familiar with accepting chip cards.

Q: How is a chip card different from a magnetic stripe card?

A: A chip card looks just like a traditional card but it has an embedded chip. Rather than swiping your card, you insert your chip card into the terminal to complete the transaction.

Q: What are chip cards?

A: A chip card is like the card you have today, but includes an embedded microchip. The chip contains information that is encrypted making it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. Your chip card will also have a magnetic stripe on the back, so that you can continue using your card while merchants are transitioning to new chip-enabled terminals.

Q: What are the benefits of chip?

A: The embedded microchip provides robust security features and other capabilities that are not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. A chip card is virtually impossible to counterfeit.

Q: Where can I use my chip card?

A: Use your chip card at the same merchants you do now — either by inserting the card into terminals that are chip-enabled or swiping your card. You can also continue to use your card as you did before for online payments, telephone payments and at ATMs.

Q: Who do I contact if I want more information?

A: For more information about your chip card, please contact us.

Q: Why is my card being upgraded to a chip card?

A: Chip cards are being introduced in the United States after much success in other parts of the world. Your new chip card provides added security.

Q: What's my PIN?

A: The PIN on your chip card is the same PIN as on your previous card. If you forgot your PIN or want to change it, please contact us.

Q: How does chip work?

A: Whether your card is inserted in the terminal or tapped, the chip communicates with the terminal to determine whether the card is authentic. Typically, the terminal will prompt you to enter a PIN to validate your identity. Once approved, your transaction will be complete.

Q: An online merchant is requesting something called a "SecureCode". What is this and how do I get one?

A: Many online merchants, especially in Europe, require what is called a "SecureCode" to make online purchases. Getting a SecureCode is easy. Simply click here and follow the prompts to register your card.

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