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Your health, financial wellbeing, financial security, and safety are our top priorities. This page provides information regarding our steps to ensure these are met.  We're in this together.

Contact us at any time.  General contact information: [email protected] or 1-800-458-5585.

The United States recently passed the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act).  This act allocates $350 billion to help small businesses keep workers employed amid the pandemic and economic downturn.  Also known as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the initiative provides 100% federally guaranteed loans to small businesses through SBA (Small Business Administration) approved lenders, like Sound Community Bank. 

We’re pleased to accept applications for the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in response to the current COVID-19 crisis. To complete an application, please review the information and follow the steps below.

Paycheck Protection Program Information

  • Must meet eligibility requirements such as number of employees and business type – check the US Chamber of Commerce link below for more eligibility information
  • Funds from these loans may be used for payroll, debt obligations incurred before February 15, 2020, employee salaries, mortgage interest, and rent
  • Businesses may apply for up to 2.5 times their average monthly payroll
  • A fixed-rate loan which doesn’t exceed an interest rate of 4%, regardless of business type
  • There is no loan payment for the first 6 to 12 months
  • Importantly, these loans may be forgiven if borrowers maintain their payrolls during the crisis or restore their payrolls afterward 
  • US Chamber of Commerce link:

Helpful Guides for Application

Please review the most common errors when applying for the SBA PPP Loan here.  

Please review the Beneficial Ownership Quick Reference Guide here.

For additional help, please review our Help Guide here.

If you are self-employed or a business partner, please review this guidance for businesses without payroll costs, or who pay themselves with the profits of the business, to apply for the Paycheck Protection Loans based on self-employment income. Please review the SBA PPP guidance discussing this information here.

Applying for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan

  1. Select Apply Now at the bottom.  We suggest opening this link in a new tab so you may reference the instructions below, or click here to download a step-by-step guide with images.  You must disable your browser's pop-up blocker.  We recommend using Chrome as your browser as well. 
  2. If you have not applied for a business loan before online, create a login, and sign in.  Or, use your existing credentials (not the same as your Sound Community Bank Online Banking credentials) to log in once again. 
  3. Select the SBA Loan Type.
  4. Complete the application.  The bar at the top indicates your progress in the application and whether all required data is completed.
  5. If you already completed the SBA PPP Application, then upload it on the Documents tab of the application. 
  6. If you have not completed the SBA PPP Application, then download the application and complete the application form(s) - both located on the Documents tab.  Once complete, upload the file(s) within the Documents tab, save, and submit the application.
  7. Additional documents may be required to complete the application process.  A Sound Communty Bank representative will contact you within 24-hours of the submission and guide you through collection of these documents.

*Please note: additional documentation may be required following the submission of your PPP loan application*


Friday, May 1

Hello –

Please accept this email as confirmation we received your application for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan. We may not contact you directly until we begin processing your application.

  • Status: We continue to review files for approval, and we approved most applications submitted through April 23rd.  If you applied prior to April 23rd and you are not working with someone from our Bank, please contact us and we will review your file.
  • Remaining Applications: It is challenging to illustrate the number of applications still pending review and approval, but the numbers range from 150 – 400. We process 30 – 50 applications per day, which means 3 – 14 days remain to review the outstanding applications.
  • Remaining Funding: Funding for the second round of PPP authorized funds is more than halfway utilized since Monday.  If funding continues at the current pace, it may be exhausted sometime mid-next week.  This is only a best estimate, however applications submitted after April 28th may not be reviewed before funding is exhausted.
  • Already Approved / Withdrawn: In order to ensure we review the greatest number of files, please contact us if you are already approved for a PPP loan by another lender, or if you intend to withdraw your application.  Half the loans submitted for approval today were approved by another lender.  We understand why these applicants did not notify us they were already approved, though – we were the bank to notify them they were approved!  Regardless, any assistance you provide to ensure we only review files still needing review is very helpful, and helps us be more efficient in processing for other businesses in need.

Friday, April 24

Hello –

Please accept this email as our confirmation we received your application for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. We may not contact you until we begin processing your application.

  • SBA Funding Reauthorized: Funding was formally authorized with the SBA.  The SBA portal reopens at 7:30am PST, Monday, April 27th.  We are ready to begin submitting applications when it opens.
  • Applications: There are a little over 400 applications with us currently. We believe we can get a significant number of these approved on the first day.  We notify applicants once moved to the pending approval queue, and we contact you again when formally approved by the SBA.
  • Program Length: We are uncertain the length of time funding might last, but continue processing applications until the program funding ends.
  • Approval: If we obtain approval for your loan with the SBA, we must fund the loan within 10 days.  For instance, if we obtain approval on Monday, April 27th, then we must fund your loan by Thursday, May 7th.
  • Loan Documentation and Funding: Documentation and funding occurs throughout the 10 days. Some loans approved on Monday may not fund until May 7th.  Please be patient.  Be ready to respond to our documentation department in the case additional information is required.
  • Deposit Accounts: We do not require borrowers to maintain a deposit account with us.  We definitely appreciate it, though!  If you wish to open a deposit account, await another email with a link to request a new account set-up in conjunction with your PPP loan.  Many businesses opened separate accounts for PPP funds in order to better track use of the funds.

Have a great weekend and we hope to bring good news to as many of you as possible on Monday!

Thursday, April 16, 7 AM PST

We were advised the SBA Paycheck Protection Program ran out of funding shortly after 7 AM PST today, Thursday, April 16.  This means we are unable to approve any additional loans until Congress authorizes additional funding.  We understand additional funding is highly likely, but it has not yet occurred.

What this means:  If you were advised your loan  was approved it will be funded within 10 days of SBA approval.  Watch for more information.  If your application is pending, please know we will resume processing as soon as funds are available.  We suggest leaving your application in our queue so we may pick up where we left off, assuming Congress approves additional funds.

What you can do:  Call your lawmaker and request additional funding.

Our progress so far:  As of this morning, we obtained approval for 300+ loans totaling more than $49 million.  We will do more as soon as Congress acts!

Tuesday, April 14

We wish to share good news.  Today the Department of the Treasury issued guidance for self-employed individuals who file either Form 1040 Schedule C, or are active partners in a business organized as a partnership.  Funding is available for these self-employed individuals and business partners. 

This guidance allows small businesses without payroll costs, or who pay themselves with the profits of the business, to apply for the Paycheck Protection Loans based on self-employment income.  The guidance is located here on the SBA siteInterested parties should review page 4 starting at roman numeral III, and end on page 14 just above the number 2.

This is everything we know at the current time.  Self-employed individuals should apply online through the Sound Community Bank portal using the newly released guidance here and selecting the “SBA Paycheck Protection Loan” menu expansion.  We suggest gathering your business documents (resolutions, tax returns, etc.) before beginning the application. 

Please remember this program is limited by the SBA’s available guarantees of $350 billion.  We understand a large portion of the guarantees are already committed.  However, we also understand a second wave of guarantees is imminent so we encourage our self-employed clients to apply online.  

Friday, April 10

Hello, All –

As I begin these updates, please take this email as confirmation that we have received your application. As much as I (and others) wish to personally greet you and assist through the process, the volume of applications, and the management of the process, makes it a very difficult task.  I use these updates to keep everyone posted on the status of our progress as we make our way through the applications.  If you submitted an application the last couple of days, then it may be helpful to review all prior updates. We include guidance which may pertain to your application and assists with the processing of your application.  We already touched several hundred files as of now, and the ones that are complete are reviewed very quickly, and moved into the SBA approval queue.

Change Applicable to All Applications. If you were not notified your loan is SBA approved, then return to the application portal and update the Beneficial Owner section on the Business Info tab. This assists in the flow of loans into e-Tran.  Here are additional instructions also located on the tab: At least one Beneficial Owner and one Control Person are required for all Paycheck Protection Program loan applications.  Beneficial Owners and Control Person may be the same individual. If there is not a Beneficial Owner with at least 25% ownership of the Business Entity, then the Beneficial Owner is a Control Person or Certifier. *On the Personal Info tab, please enter the Personal Information of all individual Beneficial Owners.

Application Queue. We doubled the number of loans reviewed and submitted to SBA daily, which will definitely level off from here. Based upon the number of applications we received, I estimate a 4 - 7 day wait to obtain approval for anyone with a number over 800.  I still believe all qualified applications in the pipeline will be able to obtain approval.  It is a little difficult to estimate the timeframe as some applications are not complete, some are duplicate entries, or the applicant is non-responsive.  Today we complete a sweep of loans in the 400-600 range.  60-100 loans reviewed and approved daily.

Notice to Applicants who received SBA approval. We started the documentation and loan funding process.  There is a backlog of loans approved last Monday, but we expect to be able to complete 30+ today, and I know we continue working over the weekend to complete the rest.  From there, I expect a 24-48 hour turn-around time from SBA approval notification until funding.

Final Thoughts. We expect to fund $10 million in loans today and potentially $50 million or more over the next several weeks, which is approximately 10% of our entire bank.  You are likely to be some of the first businesses in the country to receive “real” funding from the PPP! 

More to come – thank you.

- Wes

Thursday, April 9


I only have time for a quick update.  For all of those new to our application pipeline, please consider this as your formal communication from the Bank that we have received your application.  Continue to be on the look-out for these emails since they contain important guidance from us so we can process your important update:

  1. We received feedback about my request to ensure all tabs are green at the top of the application site.  Your application is okay if the last tab, “Submit and Sign”, is colored red *and* you previously completed the whole application and clicked “Submit Application” at some other point.
  2. I expected to begin funding today, and we still might be able to accomplish this, however due to SBA PPP guidance handed down yesterday and today, I must make adjustments, which may push the first loan fundings into tomorrow (Friday).
  3. Applicable to New Clients Only:
    1. If you are: 1) a new client to Sound Community Bank, 2) you *received* an approval, and 3) you have not uploaded the required Business Entity documentation, please be on the look-out for a link and a request for the Business Entity documentation. You should log in to the link with the same user name and password combination as you registered at the time of initial application.
    2. If you are: 1) a new client to Sound Community Bank, 2) you *did NOT receive* an approval, and 3) you have not uploaded the required Business Entity documentation, then please do so now.
    3.  If you are: 1) a new client to Sound Community Bank, 2) you *did NOT receive* an approval, and 3) you *already uploaded* the required Business Entity documentation, you do not need to upload any further documentation.
    4. Please check with your attorney or accountant to determine the documentation that applies to you.  Include a copy of your current business license with the other Business Entity documentation.
  4. As of yesterday, official guidance requires we fund your loan within 10 days of SBA approval. In many cases, for existing clients, I expect we will be able to document and fund your loan within 24 hours.  For non-clients, then the timeframe may take longer as we complete a required verification process. Completing step 3 above will speed up the process, though.
  5. I won’t be able to provide my updated matrix today (at least in this update). We now have about 50% of our original pipeline, applications submitted by early Monday (4/6), approved with the SBA.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your patience.  We’re in this together, and are working around the clock to help our community businesses survive.



Wednesday, April 8

Hello, All –

This update is written as of mid-day Wednesday. If you are new to these updates, hello! For those new to this daily update email, I use these updates to help you self-assist as much as possible, and to keep you updated on the status of the application process.

I start with what I feel is the most important topic, and end with what you all really want to know.  Please understand we all want the same thing – to complete funding for you as quickly as possible!  I start by stating - I need you to help us.  Here are a few of my requests of you:

Every loan officer (they really do want to do your loan!) asks us when their loan will be approved. For the quickest processing possible, it takes accurate, complete information as well as timely responses after we contact you.  Inaccurate information, incomplete information, and lack of response adversely affects the processing time, and takes away from serving others.  We continue to see countless loans with missing or inaccurate information, and long spans of time between when we contact you and you get back to us.

At this time, 15% of our applications are approved by the SBA.

I have several requests – please ensure you review each item.

  • Please ensure your applications are complete. Unless all tabs within your application have a full green bar, the application is missing information.
  • Please ensure your applications are accurate. Loans are being declined by the SBA because you completed the application with haste and misinterpreted the questions.  So far, five loans were declined which did not need to be declined.
    • The application is unlocked; please take a moment to return to your application and ensure the questions are answered in the way you want them submitted to the SBA. The information you provide online is being directly fed into the SBA e-Tran system for approval.
    • Once you review your application, please click “Save”.  DO NOT click “Submit” on the last tab again. This locks your application. This is important in case you need to make an additional change, or we need you to upload additional documentation.
  • Please respond to us quickly. I realize the hypocrisy of the last statement. We cannot be responsive to all requests we receive from you at the moment.  I assure you we are working on SBA PPP loans!  It may not be your loan now, but it will soon be.  When that time comes, and if the application is not accurate or complete, you will lose your place in line. You do not go to the back of the line, but you miss the first opportunity to get your loan through its current processing stage.
  • Please consider these emails as your official communication from the BankMost importantly, it means we have your application. If you completed the application accurately and completely, then no additional steps are required until we contact you. These emails contain the most up-to-date information on application processing, and include important tasks we need you to complete in your application.  For questions about the application, SBA PPP, or about the process in general (whether from these emails or from the loan officer that contacts you) please wait until we get to your file. Contacting a branch is unlikely to yield successful results, as they are not familiar with the special program and its requirements. We appreciate your patience – please wait and someone will contact you when it is your turn in line.

A quick update on what is happening in the bank and within the PPP program:

  • Bank – Christian and I built out the processes and now are training and backfilling roles. There are four current stages a loan will procced.  At the end of this letter, please view the table to get an approximation of your stage. If Christian contacts you, either you are approved for the SBA PPP loan, or you should respond quickly.  He may need something from you and is in the middle of posting your loan to the SBA!  I have not built the documentation stage yet, but ultimately we must send you loan documents, via Adobe Sign (electronic), for signature once you are approved.  We may need to follow up for a wet signature.  The guidance from SBA is not yet written for documentation.  I anticipate these stages to be completed soon.
  • PPP- If you’re paying attention to the news, I can verify quite a bit of the reporting on this program.  Let’s be honest - It’s a mess, but in my opinion, is actually being stood up and molded very well, given the circumstance and the short window.  As I previously indicated, our CEO, Laurie Stewart, is the Chair of the American Bankers Association.  She typically receives updates on changes and issues with program a day or so ahead of the actual announcement. The program continues to evolve.  I am doing my best to assure you of your place in line in our queue, and in comparison to the media coverage, so I’ll keep trying.
    • Most media reporting about “funding” is of loans in the SBA approval stage
    • Loans mainly are not being funded (money provided to applicants) because there is not an agreed upon documentation set for the program. This is pending, but some agreements were reached today
    • Loans begin funding over the next couple of days
    • Funding for the PPP program is highly likely to be increased to ensure all qualified applicants receive funding (the SBA and lawmakers are polling us constantly to gauge volume)

In lieu of contacting branches, please use the matrix below to determine your approximate place in line. You may not fall exactly in one of these categories, but they are close. Note: You may not receive correspondence other than these emails until the Final 2483 status. Also, application number is not necessarily reflective of the total number of applications.

Application Status Indicator


Application Submission

Bank Review


Final 2483

SBA Approval

Document Signing



Start Date of Application

4/3 – 4/8

4/3 – 4/4

4/3 – 4/4

4/3 – 4/4



Application Number

200 - 800

200 - 350

200 - 350

200 - 350




Wait until we contact you in Bank Review of Final 2483.

We are reviewing the application.

Be on the lookout for a final form 2483 to e-sign.

Your application is approved for the PPP loan.

You will be sent e-signable documents.

We received the documents and will provide loan funding.


Once again, thank you for your patience. 



Monday & Tuesday, April 6 & 7

We received your application for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loan. Thank you for applying and making your way through the process. This email contains informational sections relevant to 1) all applicants, 2) some applicants, 3) applicants who are new to Sound Community Bank, and 4) a general assistance guide with resolutions to the most common errors.

  • All Applicants: Please review the first two sections to determine how the information may relate to your application.
  • If you are a new client to Sound Community Bank (no other deposit or loan products for the business entity), then please review section three.
  • If you are still experiencing difficulties completing the application, then please review section four. If the guide does not contain a resolution to your error, please contact [email protected].
  1. Information Relevant to All Applicants

Inquiries: We believe we responded to all applicant inquiries made to either the Lending Support email address, or via one of our other centralized email addresses or phone numbers. If, after reading this email and the error resolution guide (below), you feel your question or concern has not been addressed, please contact:

Applications are Unlocked: We unlocked all applications, whether they have been e-signed or not. Please complete the steps below, but do not try to re-submit the application. Once all steps are complete, click “Save” on one of the tabs and exit the application. We will send all remaining documentation for e-signature; you do not need to complete the e-signature process yourself.

The SBA made changes to their electronic information request over the weekend, and may continue to do so. This requires us to ask you to review the application once more to ensure all fields are complete. The fields that require your attention are:

  1. Business Info tab: Beneficial Ownership on the Business Info tab is missing on a majority of applications.
    1. Please enter your current application. On the Business Info tab, about mid-way down is the Beneficial Owners section. Add all 20% or greater owners of the business.
  2. SBA Form 2483, on the Business Info tab.
    1. On the Business Info tab, scroll to the bottom, and click “Fill Out Form”. Ensure the form is completed paying extra attention to questions #5 and 6 since they were added over the weekend. Once completed, scroll to the bottom of the form and click “Save”. It may also be beneficial to review the form’s instruction, located here: SBA Form 2483, see pages 3 and 4.
  3. Personal Info tab:
    1. Fill in all details for all owners with 20% or more ownership should be entered. Owners entered on the prior Business Information step will automatically appear. Use the ‘+Add New Person’ link at the bottom of the page to provide details for other owners if necessary.
    2. All yes/no questions are required. When completing ‘Resident Status’ details, please check ‘yes’ to EITHER option identifying the owner as a U.S. citizen OR lawful permanent resident. For classification purposes, both answers should not be ‘YES’. This is the most common error users are having with the application (see Error Guide below).
  4. Loan Information: The Maximum Loan Amount calculator will help you determine the maximum amount that you may be able to apply for in the application. This value is copied into the ‘Loan Amount’ field, but can be adjusted if necessary.
  5. Documents tab: The application did not allow additional documentation to be uploaded to the application until mid-day Saturday. You can add a new document by clicking “+Add New Document”.
    1. If applicable, please ensure at least four quarters of Payroll Tax Form 941 are uploaded to the Documents tab.
    2. If completed, upload the 2019 Tax Return for the business entity
    3. Upload all additional documentation you used to determine your eligible payroll in determining the loan amount.
  6. Documents tab: Ensure we have the proper documentation of the required signers for the borrowing business entity on file. Most entity organizational documentation lists the required singers and the number of singers to complete loan documentation. If fewer required signers are desired to sign loan documents and expedite loan signing, then please prepare the required documentation and upload to the Documents tab. Common documents to authorize required signers are meeting minutes or resolutions. Please consult your attorney or accountant for further guidance.

We will be reviewing all applications again quickly to ensure that all required information has been completed before continuing the review of your application. Once the above is completed, we will send the SBA Form 2483 (and Sound Community Bank application in some cases) to you for e-signature. Even if you have already e-signed Form 2483, we will send a new form once we have reviewed and approved the document.

Please notify us at [email protected] [include Online Application #XXX in the Subject Line], if you are not ready to proceed with your application at this time. Of note, to achieve the maximum forgiveness at least 75% of funds from the loan need to be used towards payroll within the first eight weeks from the *Note date*. The PPP runs through 6/30/20, and some businesses have indicated they do not intend to use the funds as required by the PPP within the first eight weeks from the Note date. We will retain your application and you may proceed at the appropriate time for your business. Despite the indicated limited availability of funds, President Trump and the Department of Treasury have referenced on multiple occasions since Friday, 4/3/20, they intend to obtain additional funding for the PPP, if necessary.

  1. Information Relevant to Some Applicants

Government ID: The Documents tab references “Government ID”. Government ID is commonly a State Issued Driver’s License or Passport. Other forms of documentation may also suffice. Please contact us for more information, if necessary.

Multiple Applications Submitted: Several clients started multiple applications within our system. The applications were reviewed and the most complete or most correct application was retained. The other applications were withdrawn or otherwise removed from our system.

  1. Information Relevant to Applicants New to Sound Community Bank

Business Entity Documentation: Applicants new to Sound Community Bank are any business entity applicants who do not have a current deposit or loan product with the bank. If this is relevant to your situation, then we will require additional identification of the business entity and possibly you and other Beneficial Owners of the business entity. Please upload this documentation to the Documents tab in the application. Common organizational documents include: Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Meeting Minutes (corporations), Operating Agreement (LLC), Partnership Agreement (partnerships), and a current copy of the business license.

  1. Error Resolution Guide

Application in Individual Name: Unless the application is for a sole proprietorship, the application should be in the name of a business entity. There are two common errors: 1) the *Name on the Business Info tab is an individual’s name. Type the correction business entity name in the *Name field to correct this error, then click “Save” at the bottom of the screen and procced to also complete the correction for #2. 2) If the correct business entity name is displayed in the *Name field on the Business Info tab, or was fixed as part of #1, then proceed to the Loan Info tab, scroll to “Relationship Information”, and change *Borrower to the correct business entity. Also ensure *Authorized Signer is filled in with the individual responsible for signing on behalf of the business entity. The authorized signer is the individual responsible for signing (e-signing) the application. The authorized signer should be granted authority to apply for the SBA PPP loan by the entity’s By-Laws, Meeting Minutes or similar organizational document.

Resident Status: This is the most common error in all applications. The Resident Status section on the Personal Info tab was not clear. The phrasing has been updated. All questions must be answered in the Resident Status section for each individual on the Personal Info tab to be “complete”.

Application Fields Incomplete: The application is not able to be “completed” unless all fields are complete. The application will indicate if field remain incomplete by highlighting the tabs with incomplete fields in “Red”.

Business Entity Name: Business entity name must be the full legal name of the business with proper spelling and capitalization. “Doing business as” (DBA’s) should not be entered in the *Name field. To find the full legal business name review the business entity’s organizational documents, such as: Articles of Incorporation (corporations), Operating Agreement (LLC), Partnership Agreement (partnerships), or business license. Copy the name exactly as spelled and capitalized on the above documents.

Errors in an Application Already Submitted: Please notify the bank of any errors found on the application as soon as possible. If the application was already fully submitted and e-signed, then it is locked and the applicant is unable to make corrections. A representative of the bank can unlock the application for either the applicant or bank representative to correct. The application should be e-signed once the correction is made.

Friday, April 3

Thank you for submitting your application for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program loan (PPP). 

We appreciate your patience as we brought this brand new program online.  

We apologize for the error within the loan application today.  The error was fixed.  

The error likely is not cause for delay in terms of initial funding timelines.  We expect funding to be available for all applicants of the PPP.  We process applications in the order received, and will reach out:

·         If/when we need additional information

·         When your application is reviewed or approved

·         When it’s time to sign and fund your loan 

Thank you for the opportunity to be your banker.  We’ll be in touch soon.


Following Centers for Disease Control recommendations, our branches may operate on altered schedules. Please review the information below for up-to-date revised branch lobby, drive-up, and Interactive Teller machine hours and status.

Reminders if visiting a branch is necessary:

  • If you do not feel well, are coughing, or are immunocompromised, please do not visit a branch
  • If you are well enough to be around others, please practice six (6) feet of social distancing between you, our employees, and other clients
  • Some branches may have tape on the ground or cones to queue the teller line – please respect these queues and distance yourself from others as much as possible

Revised Branch Hours

Last updated: Wednesday, July 1

Olympic Peninsula Branches

Port Angeles 

  • M-Thurs: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Drive-Thru Only) 

Port Ludlow

  • M-Fri: 10:00AM - 5:00 PM

Sequim Creekside

  • M-Thurs: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Drive-Thru ITM Only)

Sequim Village

  • M-Thurs: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Drive-Thru Only)

Puget Sound Branches

Mountlake Terrace (Cedar Plaza)

  • M-Fri: 11:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Sat: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Drive-Thru Only)

Belltown (Seattle)

  • M-Fri: 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Sat: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM (ITM Only in the Vestibule)


  • M-Fri: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM (ITM Only in the Vestibule)

University Place

  • M-Fri: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Special Circumstances & Closures:

  • Madison Park Loan Office is CLOSED

With altered branch hours, ensuring we practice social distancing, and respecting the stay-at-home mandate from Governor Jay Inslee, we recommend you utilize alternative banking channels whenever possible.

  • Find our alternative banking channels here 

Community members may not have access to a bank or financial instituion - and threfore might also not have access to banking services or accounts where checks are deposited, money withdrawn, or a debit card to purchase items.  Let us help. 

Effective Monday, April 13, we are cashing the COVID-19 related CARES Act stimulus checks free of charge, even for non-clients.

In addition, we offer a variety of checking account solutions - one that earns rewards, one basic, an account for those over age 50, and one which assists the financially underserved - called Opportunity Checking (contact us to learn more about this account).  Learn more about any of these accounts here.

Deposit checks (like the COVID-19 related CARES Act stimulus checks) through your mobile device once the account is open!  This feature is called EZ Deposit.  Learn more about EZ Deposit here.  

Open any of our accounts online.  There's no need to visit a branch and you may continue practicing social distancing.  Select Apply Now below.  Enter your information and select "Checking Account" when prompted.  A member of our team will reach out, help you decide which account is best, and assist with completing the process.


We are committed to serving and supporting clients experiencing quarantine, job loss, and loan payment hardship.  If you are affected by COVID-19, unable to work, or under quarantine, we are here to assist.  As your trusted financial advisor, work with us to build a custom solution to fit your needs should payment of your loan become a burden or you are in need of cash*   

*All loans subject to credit and eligibility approval.


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