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Life is lived on the go and sometimes a trip to the bank just doesn't fit in the schedule. With EZ Deposit, you can deposit a check into your Sound Community Bank account using your mobile device!* It's simple, secure, and takes only moments.

Apple Android

  • Deposit a check using an Android or iPhone mobile device using the Sound Community Bank app*
  • Safe and secure
  • Check(s) post within 2-3 business days

Depositing a check using EZ Deposit is simple.

  • Endorse the back of the check
  • For iPhone or Android users:
    • Select the "Deposit" button
    • Select "Start a New Deposit"
    • Take a picture of the front of your check and the back of your check, ensuring adequate light and photo quality
    • Enter the necessary deposit information
    • Select "Continue", verify the deposit, select "Done"

Helpful Hints:

  • Please remember to endorse the back of your check with "For mobile deposit only, Sound CB" and your signature.
  • If you deposit before 1:45 PM Pacific Time, your check will be deposited the following business day. Deposits made after 1:45 PM will be deposited within two business days.
  • Approvals using the mobile application on iPhone or Android are immediate
  • The daily limit for EZ Deposit is $5,000 or 10 transactions. The limit within 5 business days is $10,000 or 15 transactions.
  • Additional holds and hold times may apply based on our Funds Availability Policy.
  • Once your deposit is approved, please retain the check for 60 days after noting the day of deposit on the face of the check. To avoid confusion, please do not redeposit the check via EZ Deposit, Bank-by-Mail, or an in-person transaction.
  • Questions? Call us at 800-458-5585 or send us a message at [email protected].

*Standard carrier messaging or data rates may apply.


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